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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Niagara Falls-Areas Clients

After serving clients throughout the Niagara Falls community for more than two decades, the team at Streamline Auto & Marine Upholstery has encountered a number of similar inquiries. Our upholsterers have provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in order to provide our clients with important information in a simple and direct way.

Q1: Are you insured?

A1: Yes. We are a fully insured company to provide you with complete peace of mind when you trust your belongings to our team.

Q2: My car is from the 1960’s, can you match the original fabric?

A2: Yes. Our classic car specialists can match the materials from a variety of models of vintage vehicles. We will work hard to make sure that the upholstery of your classic car fits the era and the look.

Q3: Do you offer delivery services?

A3: Yes. In fact, we are happy to offer pick-up, delivery and reinstallation services in addition to quality reupholstering.

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